UI/UX Design for LUNA Software

Year: 2015-2016

LUNA Software is an enterprise digital asset management (DAM) system for museums, libraries, and archives.  In the fall of 2015 I was enlisted to lead a redesign of the LUNA Viewer interface.  


In the early planning stages I conducted an analysis of the marketplace, looking at major competitors as well as products with similar DAM and image hosting characteristics.  My goal was to gain a thorough understanding of how cultural institutions present and promote online collections through public-facing web interfaces, and to generate ideas for specific usability issues surrounding the search and display of media items and associated metadata.  



Initial wireframes and early prototyping helped set the stage for a minimalist, flat interface with a restrained use of color.  

An early   InVision prototype   of the LUNA Viewer interface.

An early InVision prototype of the LUNA Viewer interface.


After numerous iterations we settled on a final layout and I handed off high-fidelity mockups and detailed specs to our developers.